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  • Eye to Eye with Tropical Storm Arthur

    heavy shower

    Okay, we didn't really fly into Tropical Storm Arthur. We did fly a low-level investigative mission into a disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico on July 7th. The crew spotted a waterspout, which shows as a small area of spray under this rainshower. Now, this doesn't mean anything as to whether or not this would become a tropical storm, but is pretty cool to see-- just wish the photo had come out better!

    This tropical disturbance then tracked across the southeastern U.S. and emerged into the Atlantic a week later. On July 14th, the National Hurricane Center declared the system "Tropical Depression One" near Cape Hattaras, and upgraded it to the first named storm of the season the next day. We did not fly this storm while it was in the Atlantic, and it became "extratropical" a couple days later as it tracked over cooler water towards Newfoundland.

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