Air Weather Reconnaissance Association

MAIL TO: Glen Sharp, V.P., Membership, Air Weather Reconnaissance Assoc.
306 Sunset Lane, Belton, MO 64012

Make checks payable to the AIR WEATHER RECON ASSOC. The membership year begins August 1st of each year. Life Membership is $30.00; othewise, annual dues are $5.00 per year. For annual membership determine amount due per the following based on the month of your application:
Jun thru Nov:$5.00 for year commencing Aug 1. Dec thru Mar: $8.00 for the balance of the year and the next full year; April and May: $6.50 for the balance of the year and the full next year.
No membership dues required of widows of reconnaissance veterans. See footnote (*) below.

LAST NAME:______________________ FIRST NAME:____________________ SPOUSE*___________________

HOME PHONE(_____)______-__________ WORK(____) ______-____________ FAX(____)______-__________

E-MAIL ADDRESS _________________________ INTERNET___ COMPUSERVE___ PRODIGY___ AOL___

ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________

CITY__________________________________ STATE ___________________ ZIP__________-________


ACTIVE DUTY YEARS_________________________________ RESERVE YEARS_____________________

RECON SQ, GROUP, WING OR OTHER UNITS SERVED IN_________________________________________
Enter Sqdrn, Group or Wing designations, e.g. 308th Gp, 512th, etc.

TYPE AIRCRAFT EMPLOYED:___________________________________________


Do we have your consent to publish all or part of the above information in the following media?
Yes_____ No______ - In the Association roster which will be published annually
Yes_____ No______ - In our Association newsletter

Date: _______________ Signature:___________________________________________________________
*Widows of reconnaissance veterans: Enter deceased spouse's name here and year of death. Enter service information applicable to decedent.

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Membership in the Association is open to all current and former members of the US Armed Services who served in the US Army Air Corps and/or US Air Force or who now serve in the US Air Force in the capacity of aircrew members and military and civilian support personnel in organizations performing aerial weather reconnaissance and related missions. Widows of such personnel are eligible for membership without fee.

STATUS: The Association is incorporated as a non-profit mutual benefit organization under the laws of the State of California. It is a Veteran's organization as defined by Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)19 and Treasury Regulations 1.501(c)(19)-1. Exemption from federal and state income taxes has been certified by the Internal Revenue Service and the California Franchise Tax Board.

For Association Use Only
Association data Base
Member Number____________________ Assoc___________ Widow(er)_______
Date Joined ______________ 199____ Date entered in computer data base___________________ 199____
Release_______ Roster_________ Newsletter________
AD______ Ret'd _______ Res______ ANG______ War Vet______
Date application signed


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