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  • Eye to Eye with Tropical Storm Bertha

    sunset in Bertha

    Sunday, Aug 4th, was our monthly Unit Training Assembly weekend, and one of our crews was scheduled to fly some passengers to Florida. As a disturbance in the Gulf began to take shape, they volunteered to drop down into the system after they delivered their passengers. Click on the photo to see a full-sized version of Bertha at sunset.

    view ahead Our aircrew flew for a couple hours at 5000 feet around the storm as the sun set, and located an area of tropical storm force winds, and a central pressure of 1009 millibars. This, combined with data from a buoy in the Gulf, spurred the National Hurricane Center to upgrade the depression to Tropical Storm "Bertha". By the next morning, Bertha had come ashore near New Orleans, and pelted portions of the Gulf Coast with tropical rainshowers.

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