Public Affairs

Air Shows & Public Appearances
Meet the Hurricane Hunters in person. Very tentatively, we are scheduled to participate in the following events:

D'Iberville Public Library, MSJul 11 & 17, 2001 Summer Reading Program
Biloxi Main Library, MSJuly 19, 2001Summer Reading Program
Edgewater Mall, Biloxi, MSAug 4 & 5, 2001Hurricane Expo
Please be aware that we could be called away to fly a weather mission, but will make every effort to meet these invitations. Also, some of these events are large airshows, while "expos" are smaller public events dedicated to hurricane preparedness, and "workshops" are conferences for emergency managers, but the public may also tour our aircraft alongside these groups (just don't expect to see lots of other aircraft and displays). Note: We have curtailed our speaking engagements during the hurricane season, and we will not have our airplane at any of the above events.

Judging Science Fairs

Interviews, Tours and Speakers

Media may request interviews with our Hurricane Hunters, or even arrange for personal visits. Other organizations may also arrange tours if they plan to visit the Biloxi area, or request a speaker at their meetings. Due to budget constraints, we may only do a few out-of-town speeches. We regretfully cannot accept most invitations during our hurricane season, because we can't guarantee that a hurricane won't lure the speaker away from your event.

For local school groups, we currently limit the aircraft tours to 11th grade and older, but are delighted to come out to the schools to speak with the younger audiences for up to an hour. We do ask, however, that at least an entire grade be present.

To arrange for an interview, tour or speaker, call the 403rd Wing Public Affairs, email:, or write to:

403 WG/PA
701 Fisher Street, Suite 103
Keesler AFB, MS 39534-2572

Phone: (228)377-2056 Fax: (228)377-0755

Career Day at Local School

Journalists: Fly Along

If you're a bona-fide member of the media, you may get permission to fly on one of our storm missions. Call our 403rd Wing Public Affairs office at (228) 377-2056. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, or you've been selected to fly, please check out our Tips for the Media.

Background Information

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Below are some links to articles about the Hurricane Hunters. We do not have control over the content or accuracy of these stories, and this does not constitute an indorsement of any product. Please respect any copyrights.

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    Foreign Language stories:

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