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Cyberflight Taxi and Takeoff

w The loadmaster has finished the aircraft preflight, and all systems are GO! So put in your earplugs as we start the engines. These engines are powerful and a lot louder than any commercial plane you might have ridden on before. The loadmaster stands outside the aircraft during engine start to watch for flames, smoke, or any fluids spewing out of the engine. Scared yet? This is your last chance to change your mind!  

"Teal Four One, Keesler Tower. Winds 180 at 5, altimeter 29.95. cleared for takeoff runway two one. Climb and maintain two thousand, runway heading."
The airplane is very heavy with a full load of fuel, so we'll have to use most of the mile-long runway. Brace yourself: the engines are running at full power, so as soon as the pilot releases the brakes, the plane will leap forward. Rolling.... rolling... picking up speed... there's 100 mph... rotation...we're off! For another adventure into the most dangerous weather in the world.



The Crew   







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