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Purpose and Disclaimers 


 This website was launched in October 1996 by two former Hurricane Hunters with a vision, Scott Gibbins and Jeffrey Long, and made possible with invaluable contributions from many other present and former Hurricane Hunters.


* Show how and WHY we fly into hurricanes
* To share cool pictures from INSIDE hurricanes
* IMPORTANT: If you are being threatend by a tropical cyclone:
o Please listen to your local authorities and media (TV, radio, etc.)
o Do NOT look on this website for any warnings or advisories: we are flying hurricanes, not updating this website!


* This is NOT an offically sponsored website of the Air Force Reserve Command, but we still endeavor to follow the AF guidelines in the creation and maintenance of this site.
* This site is created and maintained by the Hurricane Hunters Association. The Hurricane Hunter Association is a private, non-profit organization consisting of current and former members of the 53 WRS "Hurricane Hunters". The primary mission of the Hurricane Hunters Association is to establish, maintain, and enhance the spirit of camaraderie and esprit de corps for all members.
* The Hurricane Hunters Association is not responsible for the accuracy or content of information contained in the webpage links contained within. Links to and from the Hurricane Hunters Home Page do not constitute an endorsement of the parties involved.
* None of the images on this website are official Air Force photos unless specifically stated. All rughts are reserved.





This site is managed by the non-profit Hurricane Hunter Association. Please read these important disclaimers and site info. For media requests: please see our Public Affairs information page.
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