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Miscellaneous Links

National Hurricane Center


My Pay

Per Diem Rates

Travel Voucher Forms

Per Diem/Travel Reg

Citi Bank Online System


ARWO Links

NOAA ARL Forecast Charts

SST and Salinity Charts

SST Colored Contours

Bouy Data

University of Wyoming Upper Air Data and RAOBs

NOAA Nowcast

Live Recon Data in Google Earth (requires Google Earth to be instaled on your system)

Texas A&M Text Data

ADDS - TAFS and Aviation Weather


Weather Undergound's Tropical Page

Crown Weather's Tropical Page

SST/Volcanic Ash

CenPac Satellite/CPHC

Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC)


AF Weather Hubs

26th OWS Barksdale (South Central CONUS)
Weather Briefs: DSN 781-2651 - Commercial: (318) 528-2651 Toll Free 800-233-9328

25th OWS Davis Monthan (SOUTHCOM AOR)
Weather Briefs: DSN 228-1977 - Toll free (877) 451-8367 x2

15th OWS Scott (NE CONUS)
Weather Briefs: DSN 576-9755/9702 - Commercial (618) 256-9755/9702

17th OWS Hickam (Pacific)
Weather Briefs: DSN 449-8333  - Commercial (808) 449-8333 

Useful Phone Numbers

CARCAH: 305-229-4474
53rd SOF:  228-377-2409
403rd Command Post:  228-377-4181
TISX SOF:  340-778-0605 /1016
403 WG 800 number: 800-526-0957
Wingate Travel: 228-326-8542
Billeting: 228-377-7900 / 2420
Tamarind Reef: 340-773-4455
Buccaneer:800-255-3881 / 340-712-2100






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