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Cyberflight Preflight Inspection


You step out onto the flight line, and pause to catch your breath: it's a typical summer day on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. You see only three airplanes parked on the ramp, and your escort explains that of the ten aircraft owned by the 53rd WRS, one is flying Dennis right now, and six have evacuated out of Dennis's way. The others will evacuate later this evening.

C130 jet This is the aircraft that will take you on a very unusual ride. Your escort explains that its really "just thousands of spare parts flying in formation". Was this supposed to be a comforting idea? But it's time to look at these parts, in the preflight inspection. We'll make sure she's ready to fly!  

  This airplane sure looks big when you get this close! As you follow the loadmaster on his rounds, he explains this is actually the smallest cargo airplane in the US Air Force today, but is often the one you see on television, delivering supplies to disaster areas. It can land almost anywhere.   Main Landing Gear


Sometimes, if we hit turbulance, these lights will come on   While the crew chiefs stand by in case any minor adjustments need to be made to our flying machine, the loadmaster even checks the exit lights. It's reassuring so many eyes have looked over the aircraft we're going to fly.  


  You immediately notice that the "Herc" is not built for comfort--it's a real workhorse. There are bundles of wires, cables and ducts running the length of the ceiling. The loadmaster will show you to your seat in the back of the airplane.   a










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